Wednesday, December 14

Getting ready for the chills

Made one as white as snow. From 100% alpaka wool.
The other one black. From 80% alpaka wool, 20% silk.
For this snood I used a stitch from Vogue Knitting.
As I’m still waiting for the real snow, I found some pictures of last winter in the suburban district.
talv 2011 2
talv 2011 1
talv 2011 4
The view from our window.
Because I take most of my pictures with Zenit, I have to wait for half a year to see them. It could take less time but I just don’t take that much picures and a film usually holds 36 of them.
By the seaside with Hipi in Vääna-Jõesuu.

Monday, October 24

yellow mustard trousers

I’m finally finished with the first pair of trousers for myself!


The fabric was found from a grate in Kangadžungel. Someone had cut a piece from the middle of the fabric, leaving a hole from which you could stare through. It seemed quite odd but my heart was stolen by the colour of maple leaves in autumn. It works like quite a camouflage.

So I bought it. Secretly wishing someday they’d become trousers.


Since I didn’t have an overlock until today, I had to dress most of the seam allowances. It is a lot of work but I tend to see it as an opportunity to get better at seams that require precision.


I took my father and sisters camera and together we headed to a nearby park to make some pictures to post here.



Friday, October 14

roostekarva kostüüm

Sügis käes ja emale selleks tarbeks kostüüm selga õmmeldud.
Muidugi mitte ainult sügiseks. Kandku, millal soovib. Aga värv on küll justkui sügiselt laenatud.
Selle kooliaasta alguses lükati meid pea ees ülerõivaste võimalusi täis maailma.
Suure villa sisaldusega kangaid otsides selgus, et see maailm polegi nii võimalusi täis. Ilmselt polnud kangapoed lihtsalt meie algavaks projektiks valmis. Tuli võtta, mis oli. Õnneks oli.
Ema valis üleni metallist nööbid. Varrukatel väiksemad, jaki esikinnisel ja seelikul natukene suuremad.
Vooder oleks nagu pronksist. Aga tegelikult ei ole. Viskoosist hoopis.

Sunday, August 21

rayon flowers

Who would have believed that I’ll voluntarily make a blouse out of rayon. And wear it!

I decided to be lazy for a change by taking the pattern from Burda and I did’t even make any alterations.



I would like to thank Marju for making this splendid picture of me eating (:


Sunday, July 31


Nii nagu paljud, sai ka see kleit alguse ühest täiesti juhuslikust sissepõikest Abakhani. Kangarullide vahelt leidsin end trikotaažile sättinud kirjutiivalseid linnud.

As many others, this dress also started with a casual visit to Abakhan Fabrics. Between the rolls of fabric I found those multicoloured birds sitting on a jersey.


Pikka aega ei tihanud ma neist siidpehmeist linnukestest midagi valmistada. Ei raatsinud kääridega kallale minna. Mässisin kangast niisama üheti ja teisiti ümber oma sõstrakarva sõbranna. Alles lõpus, kui käed oli vaja kuskilt läbi sirutada ja kaelaauku korrigeerida, lõikasin ettejääva kanga ära.

For a long time I didn’t know what to do with them. I just wasn’t ready to cut into those little birds. I started draping the fabric around my red Diana. Finally, when I had to form the neckline I was ready to take my scissors and cut.

Juhuslik oli ka see, et valminud kleidist sai mulaaži kodutöö. Vaevlesin nimelt pikalt sadade mõtete käes, suutmata ühtki neist välja valida ja lõpuks ei pidanuki!

In the end I was lucky because I had been desperately trying to choose what to do as my draping assignment at school and the homework had just done itself!


Monday, March 28

As my hair has grown long enough to wear them up, I made a hairclip to celebrate and encourage them to grow even longer, so that I could wear my cheeky curls in the summer without having any trouble with them.

juukseklamber 12.10

Thursday, March 17

While the laundry waits outside for the first spring sun despite of the big snowbanks refusing to melt, I made a brooch for a scarf that warms my sore throat.

pross 17.3.11

Saturday, February 12

With winter comes also grey with glitter and pearls.


This is also a thrift store child bought for 0,64 EUR that got a fancy winter-look.