Sunday, February 24


kreemjas pluus 4Päris täpselt ei mäletagi, kuidas need voldid mul pähe tekkisid, kuid lahti neist ma enam ei saanud ning mul ei jäänud muud üle, kui hakata konstrueerima ja õmblema. Oi, kuidas ma end kõige selle käigus siunasin, sest kangas oli rohkem kui lihtsalt isepäine. Mis sirgena sai lõigatud, need sirgeks ei jäänud. Aga valmis ta sai ja oli see vast õnn.

I can’t remember where did the idea of a pleated shirt come from, but somehow it stuck in my head and got me constructing and sewing. The fabric had a mind of its own and oh, how I secretly damned myself during all this process. When I finally finished it, I was more than pleased.

kreemjas pluus 2
kreemjas pluus 3


  1. i just so this work of art on and am totally flabbergasted by the loveliness it vibrates with!
    any chance of a tutorial?

    1. I suspect that I have to make one for a friend of mine, so I'll make the tutorial during that, but I’m not sure when it will be because I have to start concentrating on my final school project soon..

  2. Wow this is beautiful! I'd love to see how it's done!

  3. Really,really,really great work!

  4. So amazing! Love love love it :)

  5. I really really love this blouse that you have made! It's inspiring and someday I hope to make something similar! Thank you for sharing!