Sunday, April 12

Light blues

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If someone asked me to pick a garment that would best describe me, this would be it. This is me as a coat (:
I think this is because I've been dreaming of a light grey or pastel coat for over a year now and it has had a long time to form. So when the first hints of spring appeared, I pulled myself together and sat behind the sewing machine before it was too late. This project was all about befriending old enemies.
I wanted to achieve a round shoulder but still maintain the coat looking petite and not as if it had swallowed me (I all ready have a winter coat with that effect which I love as well). So I extended the shoulder line and shortened the sleeve cap.
I was also not sure if I wanted a collar or not. As I’m not on good terms with lapels I used it as an opportunity to try something new.
The main fabric is wool and lining is from white viscose that I decorated with dots using a black textile marker.

Kui keegi paluks mul valida riideeseme, mis mind kõige paremini iseloomustaks, siis valiksin ma just selle - mina manlti kujulisena (:
Ilmselt juhutus seepärast nii, et olen juba pikalt unistanud ühest heledast mantlist. Olen unistanud sinna tikandeid või pikemakarvalist tekstuuri, kuid seekord sai ta küllaltki lihtne. Õlgu tahtsin ümaraid, kuid üldmuljet siiski pisikest (mitte mantlit, kes on tüdruku alla neelanud). Pikendasin lihtsalt pisut õlajoont ja lühendastin varrukakaart.
Ma pole reväärkraedega väga sina peal, olen neid küll konstrueerinud ja õmmelnud, kuid see on alati suuremat süvenemist nõudev ettevõtmine. Kuna mantli tegu tuleb harva ette, olin valmis sellele ka rohkem aega pühendama ning võtsin seda ka kui eksperimenteerimisvõimalust. Kelle muu peal siis veel kui mitte enda!
Lõppkokkuvõttes kujunes see projekt vanade vaenlastega sõbrunemiseks (:

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I remember sewing this type of pockets as part of a school exam long time ago. It was so tricky and needed a lot of patients and precision that I swore I would never sew them again. Well, here I am, sewing these pockets.. I love the clean look and maybe my sewing skills have developed so I thought I'm ready to face them again. Here are some step-by-step photos of the process.

Mäletan, kuidas ma kooliajal nahast välja pugesin neid taskuid õmmeldes. Tegelikult on nende õmblemisel salarelvaks täpsus ja kannatlikkus. Tol ajal vandusin, et kuigi lõpptulemus on ilus ja puhas, käin neist kaarega mööda, kannatlikkusest polnud haisugi ja täpsuski andis soovida. Siin on mõned pildid seest-õmmeldud-peale-pandud taskute õmblemisest.

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Ceramic bears by Helina Nelis ( and mittens by Maru (
Portselanist karupoisid Helina Neliselt ( ja kindad Marult (

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  1. oh my goodness, i love everything you did to your coat!! i also just sewed a collared coat (my first time ever) and like you, i found out that i'm not in good terms with lapels at all. your coat "collar" is so cute!! if there is ever a next time i'll make a coat (= not any time soon), may i borrow your idea?

    ps. the ceramic bears look homey on your coat, and i am in love as well with your mittens!

    1. Thanks you (:
      Oh, the feeling after you've finished an outerwear project, like crawling out of a long tunnel..

  2. I am fangirling over your coat, it is so pretty!! I love the blue, it is so much more exciting than the boring coloured coats in the shops I've seen lately.

    1. Thank you!
      Although I'm already regretting the light colour a bit because I tend to accidentally sit or lean on something dirty..